Full moon



Helio is the Greek word for SunClick on the photos below for a larger image.


Front stairs Enjoy looking at the beautiful mountains and sky from the front porch Kitchen, complete with spice and knives that cut
Indoor planter The plants make the desert house comfortable
Comfortable Bedroom Bathroom Large footed tub with hand held shower
HelioHouse tucked into the earth Hanging Chairs for relaxing sunset viewing HelioHouse at Sunset

Little orange flower on the mesa Asters-little lavendar flowers all over the mesa The mesa is covered in the late summer and fall with these charming flowering grasses
These beautiful mountains surround the mesa You'll never tire of the Mountains Sunset
Clouds touching the Mesa Those amazing mountains again Beautiful Cloudy Day
Beautiful Sky Winter on the Mesa Silhouettes in the Sunset

Walking stick and a beetle Yes, it's a real Owl!
Common site on the Mesa Hummingbird There are many jack and cottontail rabbits



Earthship rental in Taos New Mexico. This is a off-the-grid, sustainable, green home. Solar powered, catch-water and filtration system. Solar panels, tires, pounded, adobe, planter, Tres Piedras, DC power, solar cell, mesa, no heating and cooling bills