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Our Guests have nothing but wonderful stuff to say about
HelioHouse! When you come, you can see all the
guestsbooks with your own two eyes.
For now, here are the entries for the first years...

We enjoyed our stay here. HelioHouse is both beautiful and comfortable. ~Greta, CT

Wow! We absolutely loved staying in your home. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. We really appreciate all of your special touches and attention to details. ~Kelly, Mario & Marly, CO

Coming into HelioHouse, the first thing we noticed is how clean everything was and its wonderful, fresh smell. The bed is very comfortable, and we loved the fan above the bed. The weather was perfect and the stillness almost hurt our ears. :-) Thanks for everything. ~ The Dukes
, CA

Hard to believe it's been 3 weeks! To say I love your home is a gross understatement. I felt at home here as if I had lived here all along! All the little touches, from the pots and pans, utensils, spices, popcorn popper, coffees, much to make this stay so special and memorable. AND, then, the hospitality was five star!! I felt so many times I was alone in the universe with the expanse of windows, the sunrise, the sunset...the moon and much so memorable. Highly recommended, I will be here again I sense in the very near future. Blessings for you forever. ~Brother Eden, NYC

Thank you so much for your hospitality. You have made this a very comfortable place and relaxing. As I went from here into the Alamosa studio to record, I found myself in a great state of mind. Thank you for you part in helping to make the recordings the best they could be.~Keegan, NYC

What a wonderful thanksgiving holiday we had at the HelioHouse. Thank you for creating such a comfortable environment for your guests.
We love Taos and the Greater World Community. "Happy Trails until meet again!" .
~Donna and John, Clearwater, FL

Thank you for letting us stay at your lovely house for two weeks. We enjoyed being here and appreciated the supply of kindling and step clearing! Our girls enjoyed the games in the cupboard and we have spent a lotof time visiting our relations in the community. What a spectacular landscape-fun, great, fantastic!
~Richard & family

Eden has visited twice.03/07/07
Loved this place so much, I had to return! What an incredible, serene location to write, reflect upon what is truly important and what is not.
I felt the presence of God daily from the unparalleled hospitality to the stunning silence on the mesa. HelioHouse is a Treasure!
~Brother Eden, Albuquerque, NM

Edie and Josh with TravelStar-We totally enjoyed HelioHouse! We read all your Earthship books and we're going to build one soon! We're going to give you a great review at Thanks!

What A Treat! We really enjoyed our night in your home-We only wish we could have stayed longer! Thank you so much for accommodating us at the last minute-what luck!
~Jami & Chris , ABQ, NM


Thank you ever so much for the wonderful stay. Very interesting and comfortable house. I personally am interested in earthships, but Grandma says she has had enough rest and is ready to get back on the road. Thanks to our dear friend Ken who gave us this night.

With hugs and prayers,
Dooda Desert Rock Group, Elouise, Burnham, NM

This is Estrella.  She came from Barcelona, Spain.  She stayed a month and we became good friends.  She didn't leave an entry in the guest book as she could write English very well.Note: I'm sorry, I lost a guest book. So if you were a guest at HelioHouse in April, May and June of 07 your comments may not be listed here. ;-(

June-July, 07
This is a great house and we had a wonderful time here. We liked it so much we want to build our own in New York. Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us.
~Geoffrey and Tsufit, NYC


Gerardo from the United Kingdom took this beautiful photo of the sunrise.07/2007
What an amazing & stunning place! Thank you for allowing me to have this outstanding experience . Wishing you both every success. My best wishes, ~Gerardo, U.K.

July 07
Thank you for a wonderful experience. It was nice to meet you and stay in your beautiful environmentally friendly homestead dream. Hard to leave this place! Take care & Best wishes for you, your family & HelioHouse. Peace & Friendship.
~Daniel, Lincoln, NE

Wow, This is truly a unique, spiritual experience. This house has reinforced our ideas of living in a way that is more sustainable with our planet (i.e. re-using water, limited electricity) :) Sapphira, our Dalmatian digs the landscape & so do we! Thank you for sharing this with us. Wishing you peace & happiness!
~Shelly & Eric, Columbia, MO

PS: If you get an email from us inquiring about building ideas, don't be surprised! Thank you so much!

August 07
What an experience! So serene, so exquisitely beautiful, impossible not to relax with yourself. We spend hours each afternoon/evening, suspended in the hammock chairs mesmerized by the orchestra of light performing across the horizon. Every night the colors changed, the mood with it. Thank you. The spirit of Taos will return with & within us to California. Have a wonderful Winter!
~Emily & Keith, CA


Thank you for sharing your wonderful, peaceful home with us. The colors of the sky at sunrise & sunset are almost painted on in their perfection. The stars at night are awe-inspiring. Heliohouse is just what we needed to recharge ourselves. Thank you!
~Thomas and Vasha, Dallas, TX

PS: We look forward to future visits.

Thank you for sharing this very special place and for making this a memorable experience. Your generosity and graciousness were especially appreciated. HelioHouse is a model of how to live lightly in this place and on this planet and serves as a model for the future. Sustainability draws us all closer to one another and give people hope. I plan to tell everyone I know about this gem, but not before I make my own future reservations.
~Scott McNall, Paradise, CA

PS: It's also one the the most peaceful places I've ever stayed.

Thanks again! We love this place. The landscape looks great! The bed was so very comfortable, the pillows too. We're looking forward to our next visit--probably next summer. Perfect and so clean!
Love, Sara & Bill Duke, CA

This place was so enchanting we enjoyed the peace and quiet. We loved exploring all the unique elements of this home. It gave us lots of ideas for our own home-love the indoor plants--and how did you arrange to have so many stars in the sky? Awesome! Thanks for all the earthship info & keep up the education. You are to be commended! If you want to see the solar homes we built, go to
Thanks! Laurie & Ken, LIttleton, CO



Helio is the Greek word for SunGuest Book Comments:

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing & unique space with us. We enjoyed every minute! I love all the small, special details. You made us feel right at home. We are looking forward to our next visit.
Thanks again! Sean & Rachel

PS: This experience has changed how we look at the world and the future!

We have thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality here at HelioHouse. You have created a beautiful space here in the high desert. We've really enjoyed opportunity to "sail" the mesa again-and the change to soak up the peace, magnificent horizons, and the stunning star show.
~Peggy & Wally, Tucson, AZ

Claudia and Jeff, from Lima, Peru on the back portal10/31/07
(This entry was written in both English and Spanish):
I don't know how to describe how wonderful it was to stay at your house. It was a dream come true and is an inspiration for the kind of life I want to live one day. You are a wonderful person and I hope our friendship lasts forever. Thank you for your hospitality and the nice times you had with us.
~Claudia & Jeff, Lima, PERU

Thank you so much for sharing this with others; a revolutionary approach towards living as well as the magnificent location of this earthship community has provided a truly unique and refreshing experience for us. It is the consciousness and independent mind and spirit of Michael Reynolds and others alike, which should give us all the hope and energy needed to help create a better future for generations to come. We absolutely loved the HelioHouse and were wondering if we could build an earthship in Louisiana. We could not have been more satisfied with our stay here. You have all one would need here, and we really felt at home. Thank you so much for the organic fruits, chocolate, coffee, fresh flowers, and the much needed gift bag. You were so thoughtful! We really enjoyed all of the snow. That is something we rarely see in L.A. The mountains are so beautiful. Also, there couldn't have been a better place to watch the meteor show these last two nights, even though iswas only 2 degrees! It was amazing how warm the house stayed. I love everything you've done inside the house. We will go home and simplify our lives after this experience, we hope to visit again soon.
Sincerely, Leslie & Chuck, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you SO much! We had a wonderful stay. The house is wonderful; I am so glad I got to stay in an EarthShip....I have wanted to for a LONG TIME.-- Took lots of pictures and looked at all the books. It could have been warmer weather!!! being from Hawaii, it was too cold, BUT the house was nice and toasty. Thank you for leaving the fruit, you saved the day. We got here and the road was snowy and we didn't want to go back out for dinner.
Thank you again, Sue and Jerry, Kaneohe, HI

January 1-5, 2008
Cheryl & Jason taking a photo of themselves :-)We absolutely LOVED it here! This house is warm, inviting and comfortable. It was easy to feel at home here with our pups :-) Thank you for sharing such a beautiful place with us. We have truly enjoyed ourselves-it was just what we needed. We're so glad we were able to spend a little time with you-thanks for coming by. You are both so friendly-we have felt so welcome.
~Jason, Cheryl, Ziggy & Audi, Dallas, TX

January 7-11, 2008
Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. We very much appreciated the fruit, chocolates, flowers, stimulating reading material, nice organic toiletries and your beautiful home. We are inspired to use less and appreciate simplifying. This home is lovely and comfortable. We hope to return.
'peace', Kathleen & Scott, San Antonio, TX

***Helio House was closed for repairs in early 2008***

April 20, 2008
Thanks for having such a wonderful place to share, and for providing a glimpse of another way of living. Its been inspirational! I see a new future! :-) Next time, we'll stay longer!! It's is really beautiful here and so quiet-perfect for us city folks to relax. Thank you for helping me & Jeff to celebrate his birthday. Truly wonderful!
~ Thanks, Nikki & Jeff

April 24, 2008
Thank you so much for your caring personality-You have truly helped us to slow down our hectic lifestyle-The flowers & all the personal touches are priceless! You are going to be a real influence in my home lifestyle-reading some of the past accounts were very enjoyable. Everything is so beautiful & your deco is so fitting to the whole atmosphere! It's people like you that are going to make sure our grandkids and theirs have a future! Thanks so much for everything.
~Candy, Sugar Grove, PA

April 2008
Your sweet spirit is reflected in all the personal touches you have placed here for us to enjoy. HelioHouse has been a delightful experience. Thank you so much for your kind hospitality.
~Saundra, Clovis, NM

April 2008
We've found our dream home! What a relaxing, tranquil experience. Now if only the rest of the world would catch on...
~Kym & Jef, Santa Fe, NM


May 2008
Thank you so much for the opportunity to stay in such an amazing home. We have been interested in Earthships for quite a while, so it was great to finally get to experience living in one. It was even better than expect, and we will be sure to tell everyone we know to pay you a visit!!
~*David & Amy, Santa Monica, CA
*David is the webmaster of The Good Human website

May 4, 2008
Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful Earthship! We had a vabulous stay, learned a lot and most of all...RELAXED in the beautiful setting! We will return again for sure. Thnx,

~Jenny & Matt, ABQ, NM

We greatly enjoyed our visit. It's a lovely dwelling and was comfortable for us all. Thanks for the fruit and the great service!
~Tadd, Gisela, Liam & Rowan, Grand Junction, CO


We have more books filled with 100% happy guests. We will post their entries as soon as we find the time.

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